Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lessgo!: The Road to Naga

Before summer even officially started I have been getting numerous invites to visit Naga, I think mainly because I have publicly expressed my love for Grissini, the best Italian restaurant I've been to. The food, ambiance and staff were all truly delightful, as for the prices, I really can't recall how much we spent.

It has been a year since our trip to Bicol and the reason why I'm flipping over Grissini just now is because I had such an awful time there and frankly, I haven't quite recovered yet from my ghastly experience. No offense to all Bicolano's. Bicol is a lovely place, unfortunately I missed out on all the fun last time (I was even too grumpy to have my picture taken at CWC). Traveling to Naga from Pampanga by bus was horrible, 10 long hours with hardly any breaks! I kid you not, the bus only had one stopover! Other than my terrible motion sickness, I feel woozy traveling in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Upon our arrival, our gracious host gave us a tour of the city... in his new car. I could hardly contain my exasperation as my tummy grumbled and tumbled, by mid-day the expected happened... I threw up on the road  4 times. Horrible, really, especially the thought that we would be traveling back home that very night as well.

Luckily, things went smoothly along the way home. The bus we took now had a restroom which proved to be useless when I got in there since the toilet was...err...clogged. So time I go to Naga, I'll take a plane.

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